About Us in Seymour, CT

Serving You Since WW2--Seymour Auto

Family Owned & Operated–Since 1947

Our team knows how to provide service excellence, and we’ve been doing it for decades. Seymour Auto in Seymour, CT has seen a lot of changes in the world, our country, and within the automotive industry. Through all the changes, we’ve remained. We’ve only gotten better with time because there’s been a family standard set years ago. That higher standard has been passed down through the generations. Currently in its family’s 4th generation of its family-run repair facility, Seymour Auto has proven to be the most dependable shop in this area. We’ve been here “forever” because we know how to keep it simple. It’s not that hard to treat people how we’d want to be treated. Just because we’re owners and operators doesn’t mean we forgot what it’s like to be a customer. Some principles are tried-and-true, and our longevity proves that this is one of them.

Treat your vehicle like it deserves to be treated. Bring it to our shop for a quality service plan. Your vehicle will thank you with enhanced engine, mechanical, and electrical system performance. One of the biggest problems with receiving timely auto services is the inconvenience. You have places to go and people to see. Spending time in our waiting room for us to finish your vehicle’s maintenance or repairs may not be on the top of your to-do list. We understand that auto services are an interruption to your already busy day. How can we help with that? By making your service experience as convenient as possible. We’ll have you in and out in no time. Return a few e-mails or surf the net using our free Wi-Fi, while we get your vehicle road-ready. There’s even a park adjacent to our facility for you to take a nice, leisurely stroll, or for the kids to play.

Come Meet Our Team!

Seymour Auto’s team is anxiously waiting for you to contact our shop. If you have any performance issues that need to be checked out, there’s no better facility to bring them. We’re the preferred alternative to the expensive and impersonal dealerships. We actually treat our customers like family, not like just another number in a long line of numbers. Let us keep you two steps ahead of any repair need. It’s all about our preventative maintenance, better quality auto repairs and parts, and exceptional customer service. Any of your vehicle’s needs should come to us first. Our team promises to get your repairs right the first time, saving your precious time, stress, and money. Give us a call at 203-888-2527 to schedule your next auto service appointment. Next time you’re in the area–103 New Haven Road–feel free to stop by to meet our team. We can answer questions or concerns that you may have about your vehicle’s performance.